By United MMA & Fitness  |  December 2, 2009 12:04 pm


Open to all!
Saturdays at Peak Performance MMA in Cortland , IL (just 5 min from DeKalb) we host an open door event and welcome fighters and athletes from all over to come train and share knowledge. $20 gets you in for 3 hrs of gym time where you can hone your skills, learn some new techniques with other fighters and coaches and get a great workout in. Saturdays begin with a quick stretch and warm up with a short conditioning circuit. We then break into wrestling and BJJ technique & drills followed up with some MMA , Boxing and some sparring. The day usually ends with another strength conditioning circuit and Q&A.
We welcome all comers veterans or newbie’s! This great sport needs people to share knowledge so we can continue to grow as athletes and professionals.
Hope to see you there, it’s a great time….hell maybe even hit up BWW’s for lunch after.
Peak team!

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