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Hidden Talent MMA: Who’s Next Round Two

Hidden Talent MMA: Who’s Next Round Two will take place on November 10th, 2012 at the Libertyville Sports Complex in Libertyville, IL. The Energy MMA fight team produced a video blog showcasing their training camp for this event as fighters Mike Finch and Tyler Dempsey prepare for their bouts. To come support Energy MMA at […]

XFO 45: Outdoor War 8 Pre-sale

XFO 45: Outdoor War 8  is looking to end the summer with a bang presenting their annual outdoor event.  A stacked line-up of professional and amateur action will take up an entire Saturday at Sideouts Bar and Grill in Island Lake, Illinois.   The professional card is set with Jon Murphy vs. Jason Pierce, Guillermo Serment vs. Mackens […]

Hidden Talent MMA: Set to Impress

In the first ever Mixed Martial Arts event at the Libertyville Sports Complex, Hidden Talent MMA presents it’s debut show, Who’s Next!. The event takes place this Saturday, July 7th, at the Libertyville Sports Complex in Libertyville, Illinois. Doors open to the general public at 6PM and the fights start at 7PM. Interested attendees can […]

Dakota Cochrane Busting Onto the Scene

Apparently for TUF 15 cast member Dakota Cochrane having a film crew around while he works isnt anything new. Before gracing your flatscreen next month on TUF, he had played the role of “Danny” in some gay porn movies. While I have nothing against homosexuals, and certainly have nothing against porn, I’m not sure how […]

Opinions: Nick Diaz Defeated Condit in the Cage, Lost the Scorecards

Written by Michael Finch

To my amazement, Carlos Condit was awarded a Unanimous Decision over Nick Diaz in the main event of UFC 143. Even more shocking to me was that two judges scored it 49-46, meaning that they gave one of Diaz’s dominant second or fifth rounds to Condit. I have been watching MMA for over 10 years now, and this is one of the worst championship decisions in history. Please, let me explain.

The first round was close, but Diaz was much more aggressive with his striking. His pressing boxing attack backed Condit up. Condit did a good job circling off of the fence, but spent most of the round backpedaling and uncomfortable with a confident Diaz on his case. Diaz won the round 10-9.

Round two was a dominant round for Diaz. The crafty boxer landed clean combinations on Condit, even literally slapping him in the face. Diaz landed a vicious combination against the fence, maybe eight punches, to Condits body. The round clearly went to Diaz. A couple of MMA websites, one very major, scored this round to Condit. I wonder what fight they were watching?

Round three showed Condit hanging tough with kicks. Diaz seemed to slow his attack, and though he was the aggressor, Condit was able to land a bit more. It was a tight round, but I can see it being scored 10-9 for Condit.

The fourth round is very similar to the third, with a stalking but slowed Diaz and a moving, kicking Condit. Both fighters had their moments in this round, and Condit seemed to be sticking well to his game-plan. As the round ended, Diaz held Condit’s leg, and should have been reprimanded more from the referee. Condit took the round 10-9.

Now, here is the fight defining round for me. I had two rounds in the books for Diaz, and two for Condit. The round was competitive early, continuing the kickboxing match. I thought Condit landed more strikes in the first three minutes. Then Diaz took the back of Condit, tripping him to the floor and sinking in a body triangle to stick. Diaz worked for a choke, thought about an arm-bar, and had some choke possibilities before he tried to jump for the arm with seconds to go. Condit was able to escape at the bell, and the two embraced afterwords. To me, this is a clear round for Diaz, 10-9, due to a very dominant position and attempts to finish the fight. The fight for Diaz on my scorecard is 48-47, and I was ready to hear 49-46 Diaz as well, with a debatable third round.

However, as we know, Condit got his hand raised via a Unanimous Decision. I am shocked and amazed that the fifth round was scored to Condit. Diaz clearly had the dominant positions, and there was no shocking event that took place in the striking that would indicate Condit overcoming the clear ground domination that Diaz dished out.

Diaz often does show a lack of respect for his opponents. Tonight there was lots of taunts and questionable activity from him, none of which is ideal for a champion. Diaz doesn’t enjoy media, he doesn’t thrive under the spotlight, and he isn’t very reliable when it comes to appearing at media events. There were many problems with Diaz being champion, but his performance in tonights fight against Condit was not one of them.

UFC 143 Weigh-ins, All Fighters on Weight

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UFC 143 weigh-ins took place today at the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas. All competitors made their respective weight classes.

PPV Main Card

Carlos Condit (169) vs. Nick Diaz (169)
Roy Nelson (246) vs. Fabricio Werdum (246)
Josh Koscheck (170) vs. Mike Pierce (170)
Renan Barao (136) vs. Scott Jorgensen (135)
Ed Herman (185) vs. Clifford Starks (185)

FX Preliminary Card

Max Holloway (144) vs. Dustin Poirier (146)
Alex Caceres (136) vs. Edwin Figueroa (135)
Matt Brown (171) vs. Chris Cope (171)
Jorge Lopez (169) vs. Matt Riddle (170)

Facebook Preliminary Card

Rafael Natal (186) vs. Michael Kuiper (183)
Dan Stittgen (170) vs. Stephen Thompson (171)

UFC 143 Preview: Expect Fireworks

Geroge St. Pierre is out, and UFC 145 just got a lot crazier. It is a rare scenario as Nick Diaz and Carlos Condit will fight to claim an interim welterweight title left up for grabs. There are two more big fights on the card as well-rounded (figuratively and literally) Roy Nelson takes on Jiu-Jitsu ace Fabricio Werdum, and high-ranked welterweight contender Josh Koscheck will battle fellow wrestler-turned-striker Mike Pierce.

UFC 145: Condit vs. Diaz takes place in Las Vegas, Nevada at the Mandalay Bay Events Center on February 4th, 2012. The card is stacked up with exciting fights from top to bottom. The first prelims can be viewed on Facebook, the following four on FX, and the main card on Pay-Per-View.


Pay-Per-View Main Card

Nick Diaz vs. Carlos Condit

Roy Nelson vs. Fabricio Werdum

Josh Koscheck vs. Mike Pierce

Scott Jorgensen vs. Renan Barao

Ed Herman vs. Clifford Starks

FX Preliminary Card

Max Holloway vs. Dustin Poirier

Matt Riddle vs. Jorge Lopez

Alex Caceres vs. Edwin Figueroa

Matt Brown vs. Chris Cope

Facebook Preliminary Card

Dan Stittgen vs. Stephen Thompson

Rafael Natal vs. Michael Kuiper


Diaz vs. Condit Breakdown

The main event has all the right ingredients to be one of the best fights of 2012.

You can call him the “Natural Born Killer”, because Condit is a proven finisher. Pure and simple, when he steps into the cage, he is likely to end it. In over 30 fights, Condit has gone to a decision a mere three times. He has 13 KO’s and 13 Submission wins to his credit, clearly showcasing that he is dangerous anywhere the fight goes. Condit will need to avoid making this a boxing match by using his kicks, knees, elbows, and jiu-jitsu game to keep up with the pace of Diaz.

A tough, gritty, cardio machine, Diaz has fighting in his blood. His evolution of boxing has come to a high peak as he is showcasing the most accurate and active punching in MMA today. Diaz is fresh off of a win over BJ Penn in which he overwhelmed the Hawaiian in a clear decision victory. Diaz will ned to put his hands on Condit more than anyone ever has, outworking him throughout the fire rounds, and avoid being out-worked himself in the grappling aspect.

Nelson vs. Werdum Breakdown

Nelson and Werdum are both just on the cusp of breaking into the elite of the UFC heavyweight division.

For Nelson, he was there when he stepped in with Junior Dos Santos. He fell short and was out-boxed for three rounds. Then he dropped another fight to Frank Mir. Nelson recently got back on track with a TKO victory over Cro Cop, who was reminded of Nelsons power in the third round of an otherwise very competitive fight. A finish over Werdum would surely return him to the hierarchy of the division.

Werdum was considered a top three heavyweight when he triangled Fedor. He then fought for the Strikeforce heavyweight title and was out-struck by Alistair Overeem to a decision loss. He is a decorated Jiu-Jitsu fighter, and has showcasing his ever improving boxing. Against Nelson, Werdum will need to establish his longer reach and avoid getting clobbered with a big right hand, and take Nelson down at any opportunity he gets.

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XFO Offsides Fight Night Play-by-Play and Results

By MMAFREEAGENT Reporter Samuel Adamek

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XFO Offsides Fight Night was held at Offsides Bar and Grill in Woodstock, IL on January 21st, 2012. The amateur action is highlighted in detail below.

Nick Dunski vs Shawn Bridgeman

Bridgeman shot for a double-leg take-down right off the bat. Dunski responded with a guillotine. Bridgeman defended the submission attempt, but remained trapped in the guillotine. Bridgeman weathered the storm and the fight returned to the feet. Another take-down by Bridgeman ensued, but the action was quickly stopped by the end of the round. The round clearly went to Dunski, 10-9.

The second round opened with a take-down by Dunski, followed by a swift transition to full-mount. Dunski threw a number of punches to Bridgeman’s midsection, from where he proceeded to throw even more punches from the mount position and forced a verbal tapout.

Final: Nick Dunski def Shawn Bridgeman, Verbal Tapout due to strikes 2:04 of Round 2

Brian Radtke vs Tim Sullivan

Radtke began the bout by clocking Sullivan with a right hand. He proceeded to rush Sullivan, jump into mount, rain down punches, and quickly draw a referee stoppage.

Final: Brian Radtke def Tim Sullivan, TKO :39 of Round 1

Geovanni Greco vs David Sorenson

Sorenson began with a quick shot. The fighters were in a brief stalemate as Greco waited out the attack. Sorenson captured Greco’s back for a brief moment, but was unable to capitalize as the wrestling battle continued. Sorenson took the round, winning it 10-9.

The second round featured numerous leg kicks from Sorenson, who blasted Greco with his shin. Greco, in response, was able to trip Sorenson with a kick of his own. Sorenson regained his feet and quickly took Greco down, taking his back. Sorenson began a flurry of damaging strikes that would end the bout, with Greco tapping as a result. The referee hesitated to stop the assault, allowing Greco to take a number of unnecessary punches.

Final: David Sorenson def Geovanni Greco, Tapout due to strikes 1:06 of Round 2

Cody Richards vs Alan Marugg
Alan Marugg and Cody Richards stood up and threw heedless punches to begin the fight. Marugg was able to take Richards down. Marugg threw scores of punches to the head and body, drawing a tapout due to strikes.

Alan Marugg def Cody Richards, Tapout due to strikes 1:02 of Round 1

Anthony Schott vs Stan Janeczko

Before this fight actually got underway, Janeczko began trotting around the cage with tennis shoes on his feet. He was able to circle the cage two or three times before a corner man made note of the issue and advised cageside assistants. From the get-go, these two men were throwing vigorous punches, few of them landing. Schott briskly took Janeczko down and found himself in the mount position. Schott then delivered copious amounts of strikes resulting in a technical knockout.

Final: Anthony Schott def Stan Janeczko, TKO 1:46 of Round 1

Mike Mahurin vs Tim Holman

Holman shot a double leg without hesitation as the fight opened, successfully taking his opponent down. Holman proceeded to deliver forceful strikes, resulting in a tapout from Mahurin.

Final: Tim Holman def Mike Mahurin, Tapout due to strikes :09 of Round 1

Skyler Petrancosta vs Tyler Reece

Petrancosta began by shooting and taking down Reece, only to be reversed by him soon after. The fighters jousted for position, and Petrancosta stood up, landing himself in a guillotine. Petrancosta tapped out and momentarily passed out, tumbling to the canvas after the hold was released.

Final: Tyler Reece def Skyler Petrancosta, Tapout due to guillotine choke 1:40 of Round 1

Charles Radtke vs Michael Dann

Radtke began the fight with a take-down. Dann attempted a guillotine, which eventually fizzled out. Radtke fought for a favorable position and got it, prompting a flurry of punches that ultimately caused the referee to stop the fight. The fight was over, but Radtke was not done, as he continued to deliver punches to his opponent’s unguarded head. An uproar from the restless crowd ensued as they voiced their discontent with Radtke’s lack of sportsmanship and self-control.

Final: Charles Radtke def Michael Dann, TKO

Gram Livermoore vs Daniel Flora

Daniel Flora began the fight with a failed take-down attempt. Flora again tried a take-down, and on the second attempt was successful. Flora hastily transitioned to mount and proceeded to deliver damaging strikes. Livermoore assumed a flat position, face down, his hands covering his head and showing no sign of escape, prompting a referee stoppage.

Final: Daniel Flora def Gram Livermoore, TKO Round 1

MMA Fight Shorts

Brian Radtke looking to move up in the XFO

    Xtreme Fighting Organization’s lightweight competitor Brian Radtke is set to make his third appearance at the XFO’s Offsides Fight Night. The event will be taking place Saturday, January 21st in Woodstock, IL at Offsides Bar and Grill.
The older of the Radtke brothers, Brian is 23 years of age and sits at 2-1 in his amateur career. He fights at lightweight and will be facing Julian Emert on this coming XFO card. Radtke, like his brother who also competes on Saturdays card, has fighting in his blood. 
“My brother and I got into MMA by fighting in the streets almost our whole life,” said Radtke. “When I was getting in a lot of shit I needed a change from a raw and tough life so I moved up here with my brother and started following our dream of becoming great fighters. That’s the only thing me and my brother can see doing in our life; fighting.”
The Radtke brothers enjoy competing together on the same cards, as they have done for their past couple of fights.
“Every fight that me and Charlie have had it’s been with one another if its him fighting or me fighting or both of us. I love it because he is my brother, who wouldn’t want their brother with them when they fight?
The pair have been training in one of the top gyms in the Midwest at Curran Martial Arts. Full of talented lighter-weight fighters, they go into the cage feeling prepared.
“He is my partner in training every day because me and him are so much alike. It’s perfect, he pushes me and I push him to another level that one else can,” said Radtke. “For our fights, we both take them like any other day. You have to be calm and composed and go in there and do your job. (That is) what me and him are trained to do.”
All of Radtke’s bouts have been for the XFO. When he eventually turns pro, Radtke wants to stay with the organization.
“I’d like to keep fighting for XFO when I turn pro because it’s a great organization to fight for,” said Radtke. “My dreams are to make it big and for my name to be remembered.”
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Cage Fights are Saturday 1-21-12 in Woodstock Illinois!

Confident Charlie Radtke warns, “If you stand in the way of my dreams, you’re dead”

Chicago Area MMA Cage Fighter

Charlie Radtke Chicago MMA Cage fighter

    A Team Curran amateur standout is set to make his sixth Xtreme Fighting Organization appearance as Charles Radtke fights on the XFO’s Offsides Fight Night. The event takes place on January 21st in Woodstock, IL at Offsides Bar and Grill. Charlie Radtke is 4-1 thus far, beginning with the Wrecking Ball Fight Facility and then transferring to Curran Martial Arts. He is set to face Michael Dann in one of the evenings featured bouts.
Radtke is a born fighter. He grew up fighting alongside his brother, Brian, and they continue to support each other in fighting to this day. They prefer to compete together on the same card, as they have done for all of their XFO bouts.
“Being with my brother helps me a lot,” said Radtke. “We just joke and mess around before the fight as if it’s just another day. Every card we have fought together.”
The formula has been working for Radtke, who went 4-0 in his first bouts with the XFO. In light of the success, he was granted a title shot for the XFO welterweight belt. Radtke was out-grappled by Craig Fruth, suffering his first loss. He says it will only motivate him going forward.
“Coming off a loss only drives be more,” said Radtke. “I learned not to give up anything. I’m ready to bang.”
In response to the defeat, Radtke dropped to lightweight. While being unfamiliar with his opponent for the 21st, he is confident that he will capture the win.
“I don’t know much about him, I’m (just) there to fight, and what he gives me I will take. I’m the guy you don’t wanna stand with,” said Radtke. “I’m going to knock you out if you stand with me and I’m going to submit or beat you until you cant breathe.”
Radtke went on, “I’m going to show where my true weight class is and show (that) I’m the best in the world at this class already at my young age.”
When asked if he had anything to add, Radtke made his feelings clear to his future opponents, “I’m a killer at this class so if you make that bad choice by fighting me or my brother (we) are going to (explicit) kill you in the cage. If you stand in our way of my dreams, you’re dead.”
Cage Fights are Saturday 1-21-12 in Woodstock Illinois!

Bellator 59 Fighting Championship Fight Results

Bellator Fighting Championships 59 took place on November 26 2011 at Caesar’s Atlantic City in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

The main event  was the season five heaveyweight tournament final between Eric Prindle and Thiagle Santos.  Let me tell you this fight did not last long.  Santos took Prindle down twice then elected to fight on his feet.  Then Santos gives Prindle a swift soccer kick right to his groin.  The strike was definitely not the worst groin shot I have ever seen, not even close.  Prindle ends up taking the full 5 minutes he is allowed to recover then tells the ref he feels like he is going to through up and the fight is declared a no contest at 1:24 of the first round.  I was pumped for this fight but it ended in total disappointment.  They showed the strike from many angles and he should have been able to continue.  Bellator however is scheduling a rematch between Prindle and Santos which will take place sometime in early 2012.  Bellator certainly did not want this to be the conclusion of season 5 as this was the main event.  The sad thing was this was not the only disappointment on the card.

In the co-main event Kurt Pellegrino (a New Jersey Native) and UFC veteran with 12 UFC fights faced off against the always dangerous Patricky “Pitbull” Freire in a mma lightweight match.

Pellegrino had come out of retirement for this bought but it sure didnt last long.  Patricky  came out and landed a 1 – 2 punch combo that dropped Pellegrino.  Pellegrino did the best he could to stay in the fight  by grabbing a leg and closing the distance while hoping to clear the cobwebs out of his head.  The ref jumps in and stops the fight when Pellegrino doesn’t look like he is in any danger at all.  This really pissed the crowd off as the boo’s started pouring out from the crowd.  The terrible stoppage tarnished what would have been a staple in the Pitbulls career.

UFC 141 Brock Lesnar vs. Alistair Overeem Cage Fighting Preview

As the UFC 141 cage fighting event fast is fast approaching one can’t help but want to talk about the main event.  Alistair Overeem vs. Brock Lesnar is sure to be a knock down drag out brawl.  You have to give Overeem the nod when it comes to all aspects of the fight.  Overeem is currently the Strike Force heavy weight champion.  He has been in the cage with the whose who of heavy weights in the world carrying a record of 35 wins and 11 losses and has been fighting MMA since back in 1999.  He has fought fighters like Brett Rogers, Fabricio Werdum, Mirko Cropcop, Mark Hunt, Paul Buentello, Shogun and the list goes on and on.  In the news conference Overeem says his experience level will play a major factor and he will tare Brock apart piece by piece.  While Brock Lesnar is relatively new to the sport having his first fight 8 years later.  Brock carry’s a record of 5 wins and 2 losses.  One loss coming via submission from Frank Mir (he later knocks Mir out in his career) and one loss via TKO via Cain Velasquez heavy hands.  One can also argue that the ref could have stopped the beating he took in round one vs. Shane Carwin as he was blocking punches with his face.  After Carwin punched himself out Brock didn’t have much trouble choking him out in round two with an arm triangle.  I personally think Overeem will knock Lesnar out in the second round but you never know what can happen in MMA.  After all who would have thought the Cain Velasquez vs. Junior Dos Santos fight would end so early in the first round.