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Hidden Talent MMA: Who’s Next Round Two

Hidden Talent MMA: Who’s Next Round Two will take place on November 10th, 2012 at the Libertyville Sports Complex in Libertyville, IL. The Energy MMA fight team produced a video blog showcasing their training camp for this event as fighters Mike Finch and Tyler Dempsey prepare for their bouts. To come support Energy MMA at […]

XFO 45: Outdoor War 8 Pre-sale

XFO 45: Outdoor War 8  is looking to end the summer with a bang presenting their annual outdoor event.  A stacked line-up of professional and amateur action will take up an entire Saturday at Sideouts Bar and Grill in Island Lake, Illinois.   The professional card is set with Jon Murphy vs. Jason Pierce, Guillermo Serment vs. Mackens […]

Hidden Talent MMA: Set to Impress

In the first ever Mixed Martial Arts event at the Libertyville Sports Complex, Hidden Talent MMA presents it’s debut show, Who’s Next!. The event takes place this Saturday, July 7th, at the Libertyville Sports Complex in Libertyville, Illinois. Doors open to the general public at 6PM and the fights start at 7PM. Interested attendees can […]

Dakota Cochrane Busting Onto the Scene

Apparently for TUF 15 cast member Dakota Cochrane having a film crew around while he works isnt anything new. Before gracing your flatscreen next month on TUF, he had played the role of “Danny” in some gay porn movies. While I have nothing against homosexuals, and certainly have nothing against porn, I’m not sure how […]

Pettis vs Lauzon: All the Right Ingreidents

By: Mike Finch

It’s “Showtime” again as midwest stand-out Anthony Pettis takes on Joe Lauzon at UFC 144: Edgar vs Henderson. The fight is set to kick off the unusual seven-fight main-card on Pay-Per-View. This event marks the first UFC in Japan since UFC 29. The exciting lightweights are sure to start the night off with a bang.

Being the WEC lightweight champion, Pettis seemed destined to challenge for the UFC lightweight title. Unfortunately for him, he hit a road block in the form of Clay Guida in his UFC debut. Pettis learned a lesson the hard way; wrestling wins fights. He embraced the fact, and showed improved take-downs in his most recent fight against Jeremy Stephens. Pettis will need his wrestling, especially defensively, against an aggressive attacker in Lauzon.

100% of Lauzon’s wins come by knockout or submission. Amazing, especially when you think of the talented fighters that he has been facing in the octagon. He has heavy hands and an aggressive ground game, always looking for a way to end it. Lauzon has big momentum coming off of a knockout stoppage over Melvin Guillard. He knows that with a win over the always-hyped Pettis, he can finally propel himself into title contention.

This fight has all of the ingredients for “Fight of the Night”. Both being dominantly strikers and submission fighters, the potential for a finish is high. I believe that Lauzon can be competitive on the feet, but he runs a big risk of running into a kick. If Lauzon can get a hold of Pettis and bully him on the ground, I believe he can win a decision. The problem is, I think Pettis’ wrestling now may be too sharp.

Pettis needs to defend Lauzon’s take-downs. If on the ground, Pettis needs to have a sense of urgency to get back to his feet, where he is sure to do his best work. If he can fight this bout at a distance and make Lauzon come after him, I believe that Pettis can land the shot that will end the night.

My official prediction is Anthony Pettis by TKO in the second round

Kaotic … The Cook Boys! Big in a Small Town!

Writen By: April Nonnie Cook

MMA for these small town guys is their life! The “Cook Boys “as they are known in their home town of Bremen GA. Say this isn’t a rec sport to them it is a “Lifestyle”. Trying to just catch up with these boy long enough to talk well was quite a challenge in itself as their days are filled with working a normal work day shift at local companies in the town or training at their gym Defkon1 located in Villa Rica GA, even when at home I’m told the furniture is rearranged and wrestling, BJJ and MMA take on a whole new meaning.  These two guys have an awesome story as to how they got their start in MMA .Take a look what they shared. They may have started Training on their own with a few friends on an elementary school yard football field but within a year these two have started to make a name for them in the GA Fight Community and are becoming quite popular among a lot of local sports fans.  To ask around town these two boys are often compared to the Brothers in two different movies for different reasons   …”The Boondock Saints” maybe cause the stand for a lot of good morals and values  ..And also “Warriors” yes the brother fight movie of all times. These two guys have an awesome presences about their self’s they are bound to win the hearts of everyone they meet and everyone who watches their fight styles will watch in amazement.

David Cook Jr.  

Fight name: DJ Cook  

Height: 5’11

Weight: 155

Record: 2-3 Adv. Amateur

DJ is a Twenty year old local fighter who along with his brother took the show back in January 2011 at a local show at “The Masquerade “ in downtown Atlanta  winning over GA  ranked #5 at the weight of 145 fighter Chris Ortiz with K/O of the night ..Tying his Brother Josh for “Fight of the Night “. DJ is a quite laid back guy seemed a bit shy. Says he loves the whole show aspect of a fight but doesn’t like to be in the spot light. I ask him what has been his biggest accomplishment with in the past year … He says “It all started at “The Masquerade” in the ATL. Once we fought we were pulled aside by the Commissioners and introduced to one of Atlanta’s top promoters David Oblas with Undisputed Productions. Which gave us an opportunity to fight at Wild Bill’s one of Georgia’s top hot spots for MMA Fighter’s. From there it just seemed to take off .I have just been enjoying the ride!”

Joshua Cook

Fight name: “The Monster”   

Height: 5’9”

Weight: 145

Record: 3-1 Adv. Amateur

Josh was the more talkative one he doesn’t have a problem being the center of attention seems this 19 yr. old GA boy may just thrive off that. Which in his case has played in his favor, He is ranked in at #5 in GA Fighters Magazine at the weight of 155  and seems to be climbing. Josh also had an article wrote on him back in November of 2011. When ask if Josh had a different game plan going into this fight he has coming up on February 11th 2012 at Rebel Invasion 2 in his hometown than any before, because this will be his first Advance amateur match and he is coming back off a loss over Shea Taylor…His reply was spoke with pride “I have been training HARD and I’m in the best shape I ever been in! Nothing really different but my mind set!  I know they say don’t sleep in school, however come fight night someone is going Nite-Nite!”

One thing is for sure these two guys have heart and the skills to take this MMA fighting to new levels, I for one am anticipating the day they turn pro! They may be the next big brother duo like the Diaz Brothers. They both say they will be turning pro within the next year so keep your eyes out for them! The Cook Boys are pleasure to watch, and was a pleasure to sit and talk with them! If they keep up their hard work and continue to grow their fan base like they have this last year  these boys will be unstoppable .Josh also told us he wants a shot at the GFC 145 title holder …so GA fans watch out ! DJ has his eyes set on a belt as well but at different weight class. Their motto “Together we will go far!”

When it comes to these brothers you can believe that where there is one the other isn’t far behind! Just remember there are more than two of them, their younger brother Justin Cook just won 1st place in GI and NO GI at Copa Nationals held in Jonesboro at Mt Zion High school this past December, however he says he will never be a fighter like his older brothers, he does admit he  is one of their biggest fans!

The Cook Brothers have their eyes set on some pretty high goals but assure me that with their current training and focus they will have no problem reaching them. I see the boys taking this sport by storm over the next and not just in GA.

Ellenberger vs Sanchez: The War That Deserved Two More

By Staff Reporter Samuel Adamek

As these two men met at the center of the octagon moments before this battle got underway, both Diego Sanchez and Jake Ellenberger looked focused and ready to collide. Collide they did, as there was an immediate exchange in which both fighters landed shots. Right out of the gate, the fans in attendance at the Omaha Civic Auditorium made it very clear that Ellenberger was their favorite, and they were vocally in his support throughout the fight.

Ellenberger established a vital distance from Sanchez, which worked greatly to his advantage and from there, began accumulating strikes and frustrating Sanchez early. After several quick exchanges, Ellenberger caught Sanchez with a knee to the chin, visibly hurting him. Sanchez shook off the blow, and was shortly thereafter clocked again with a right hand from Ellenberger as he attempted to close the distance by throwing a good deal of powerful shots, none of which landing cleanly. As Sanchez fell to the ground as a result, it became clear that Ellenberger had taken round one with flying colors.

Throughout the duration of the second round, Ellenberger further frustrated Sanchez by getting the better of him in the striking game. He was countering and scoring often, all the while maintaining his distance. Ellenberger solidified the second round for himself by taking Sanchez down with a double-leg. He proceeded to land scores of elbows, opening Sanchez up, bloodying his face.
After being beaten in rounds one and two, Sanchez knew he needed to finish the fight in the third in order to win. He began the round with aggression, and landed his strikes more frequently than in the previous two rounds. Ellenberger still got the better of him, landing bigger and more numerous strikes. Ellenberger shook Sanchez up with masterful combinations, but in the latter part of the round took a couple of punches to the face from the ever-aggressive Sanchez. Ellenberger immediately took the fight to the ground with a double-leg take-down.

After an uproar from the crowd at what looked like the nail in the coffin for this bout and after jousting for position briefly, Sanchez turned the tables and got his first and last chance at victory: he took the back of Ellenberger. With roughly ninety seconds remaining in the fight, Sanchez rained down heavy strikes and attempted a series of rear-naked chokes, none of which were successful. Ellenberger was bloodied, beaten, and in survival mode for the waning seconds of this battle as Sanchez continued to pound on him. He managed to reverse Sanchez in the last few moments and get to his feet, the fight finishing with a final exchange to perfectly cap off a true war.

At the post-fight press conference, UFC president Dana White said that he wished the fight had been a 5-rounder, and that he would make sure they didn’t make that mistake again. Fans abroad agreed, since all other main-events were granted 5-round status. And so, this very fight has changed the UFC’s policy on FUEL main-events, as White said all future headliners would be 5 rounds.

In the end, the judges decided the outcome, and all three judges scored the fight 29-28 in favor of Jake Ellenberger. Ellenberger has been inching toward a shot at the UFC Welterweight belt, and took one huge step towards that goal with this win over the veteran and ever-formidable opponent Diego Sanchez.

Round By Round Rebel Invasion 2

Written By: April Nonnie Cook

DJ Cook v/s Justin White

Round One

Cook starts the fight swinging a right hand at White; Cook looks to be the more aggressive fighter. Quickly circling White leaving him no opportunity to return the blow .Cook lands a few sharp punches to the face of White then Cook decides he will take it to the ground with a nice slam! After a few punches to the body in side control Cook and White return to their feet with White attempting a standing Guillotine; Bell rings with Cook in control pounding away at body and opening the eye of White.

Round 2

Starts with Cook leading with a Straight Left landing a hard right hook Cook totally dominates White in these first two rounds with successful hits to White opening up a few more cuts on White’s face as White is backed up on the cage .White is definitely no match for the hands of Cook .Round ends Cook Full Mount throwing blows to body of White.

Round 3

Cook fakes with a right landing a Left, Cook throws in a few kick in the mix, Fighters are sent to opposite side of ring as White collects himself from an accidental  groin kick with a few minutes ,only seemed to allow Cook time to collect his breathe ,As the round continues Cook  throws a few punches and combos adding to several cuts already opened on White ,follows with an awesome Kick to Whites Right  side  lever shot ..Causing White to throw in the towel…he was done!

DJ Cook wins 3rd round .52 by TKO Kick  


Sid Hunt v/s Johnny Snyder

Round 1

Hunt comes out strong with a great stance; Seems hunt will definitely have a reach advantage of Snyder. Hunt throws and lands a few rights Snyder returns blows with a leg kick; Hunt decides its ground time with a nice slam  .Hunt takes side control landing continuous nasty blows to the body of Snyder .Snyder once again attempts an arm bar ,Hunt returns to standing position and Snyder loses his grip on submission  and the bell rings .

Round 2

Round starts with what seems  a chase as Hunt is trying to track his prey ,Hunt starts landing punches ,Snyder returns with a few punches while Hunt blocks them .Snyder throws a leg kick  and try’s for what looks like a round house head kick  but misses .Hunt follows with another takedown  .  Once the two return to their feet. after a few  swung punches by both fighters ,Hunt does a nice sweep takedown ,Reversal by Snyder as he full mount hunt ,Hunt slides out the back performing a quick reversal for himself .Just in time for bell .

Round 3

Round starts with guys tapping gloves Snyder comes in with a few good punches Snyder goes for a takedown Hunt stops it with a nice sprawl position, back up the two exchange some punches then Hunt says lets go back to the ground, Snyder attempts another arm bar Hunt takes side control and Ref calls the fight due to blows to body as Hunt takes full mount.

Sid Hunt wins 3rd Round 2.38 TKO

Tony Reid v/s Colby Ruthven

Reid comes in quick shoots in for take down nicely done knee to belly takes arm of Ruthven locks in an arm bar    Ruthven does seem to want to tap so ref stops fight. Short and sweet.

Tony Reid wins 1st Round Arm Bar .40 seconds


Bart Weeks v/s Brian Johnson

Johnson could not get a break from the massive blows Weeks was throwing .Weeks came to Bang!

I don’t think Johnson even had time to retaliate to return blows Weeks was on him .Ref stops fight shortly in first round due to punches and Johnson not protecting himself .

Bart Weeks wins 1st round TKO 1.56

Andrew Ballenger v/s Brandon Rivers

Round 1

Ballenger and Rivers both come out strong ready to bang, both throwing punches, and it the match quickly takes to the ground, leaving them set in guard with Rivers on top .Ballenger goes for the triangle. Rivers shakes it off with a quick slam ,causing  Ballenger to have to release a half set Triangle  .Rivers throws some quick rights to the face of Ballenger ,all the while Ballenger is setting  him up to lock in a Triangle hook  and Ballenger completes it with success

Andrew Ballenger wins 1st round Triangle Hook 1.50

Jason Reese v/s Jerrod Batten

Round 1

These two fighters head straight to the ground early on in first round Reese taking Batten  down with nice slam .with Reese landing in Batten’s guard . Batten attempts an unsuccessful Kimura .The two struggle for control but I’d say Reese was definitely in control from the position of top .The two end round on canvas.

Round 2

Reese throws and lands a good left hook to the face of Batten, also lands a nice inside leg kick to the right thigh of Batten .Reese really working the legs of his taller opponent Batten. Reach advantage definitely hasn’t helped Batten in this match up as sometimes reach makes a difference, Reese clearly takes round 2.

Round 3

Batten and Reese seem to throw mid kicks at the same time both catching the other  but also looks as if both may have connect  but not with much force because of blocks . Then it’s back to the ground Bell rings leaving the two on the canvas and Reese as winner.

Jason Reese wins 3rd round S/D

Coffey 30-27 Fisher 28-29 Mann 30-27

Manuel Correa v/s Josh Cook

Round One

Round starts off slow as if Correa and Cook are trying to get a feel for each other, finally Cook decides to throw a leg kick. Correa comes in Cook gives him a quick push kick  to back him up ,Correa throws some punches Cook ducks and rushes Correa to the cage , Struggling for control to stand or hit canvas both fighters end on  canvas on their sides still clinched .Correa takes top control over Josh s head in sprawl position Cook quickly trying to recover and gain control lands both fighters clinched on their knees .They clinch up and return to their feet once again .Cook try’s a few sweeps but Correa wants to stand .Again the two end up on their sides Correa lands in Cooks guard Cook attempt an arm bar but fails  Correa stands up but is continuously throwing punches at Cook  as bell rings .

Round 2

Correa leads out with a leg kick to the outer shin of Cook, Cook checks it. Cook lands a straight right to the face of Correa followed by a head kick but kick was blocked by Correa. Cook attempts a push kick Correa backs away .Correa returns with a Kick to Cooks left side but is denied with a block. The two trade punches and clinch again Correa throwing knees working Cook toward cage then to the ground. Correa takes side control of Cook throwing some hard blows to Cooks head .Correa takes half guard on top of cook all the while landing some heavy blows, Cook fights to block but eats a few Correa returns to his feet and ref stands cook up .the two exchange some punches and a few more legs kicks Correa attempts a superman punch but doesn’t connect bell rings.

Round 3

Cook  seem to come out stronger this round compared to the first 2 , both fighters seem to be getting tired .Cook comes in for some quick punches with Correa circling Cook Correa throws a leg kick Josh returns with kick to body ,leaving Correa taunting Cook as to say “Come on “ Cook clocks Correa  with a straight right and rushes Correa to cage Correa reverse control pushing cook against cage .Correa attempts a standing guillotine but josh sweeps and the two land on the canvas again ,with Josh taking full mount  forcing him to release the move . The two return to standing position round ends with Cook throwing combos and Correa blocking.

Manuel Correa wins 3rd round UD 29-28

Josh Downing v/s Joseph Copley

Round 1

Fighters tap gloves Downing try’s to throw a kick high and misses lands on canvas but quickly recovers and shoots in for take down .On the ground the two fight for control with Copley ended up in side control with Downing attempting a Guillotine ,unsuccessfully . They go back and forth rolling around throwing punches each looking for something to lock in ends with Downing in half guard Grounding and pounding.

Round 2

Copley comes into 2nd round strong these two fighters a giving it their all in this rematch, Ref gives Downing a warning for performing illegal Heel hook on Copley. Downing continues to attack  to hurt the left knee of Copley which was already previously injured at one point Copley just stops and just lays there  as if to say its numb its already badly hurt ,I’m not tapping .Copley does well at blocking some of Downing punches But Downing lands some nasty blows and bust Copley’s nose .

Round 3

Downing throws a high leg kick to the face of Copley .After the two exchanges a few punches its back to the ground With Downing gaining back control over Copley and you could see the fight drained out of Copley, Ref stops fights due to blows and Copley not defending

Josh Downing wins 3rd round 2.06 TKO

Scott Farhat v/s Micah Goss

Round 1

Farhat starts round with nice leg kick to Goss, Farhat rushes in and the two go to the ground Farhat locking in Guillotine on Goss

Scott Farhat wins 1st round 1.14 Guillotine

                  Willie Smalls  v/s Ron Stallings

Round 1

Smalls shoots in early for quick take down ,on the canvas rolling the two for something to lock in ,neither successful ,then it’s back to their feet .Smalls  attempts Guillotine but Stalling breaks free Stalling throws quick mid-section kick  to Smalls , Then it’s back to the ground for rest of round.

Round 2

Smalls Comes in lands a solid right with Stalling trying to defend .Stalling and Smalls have good game ground which is where this match goes and stay the rest of the match .Ends with Smalls gaining Stallings back and finishing him with a rear naked Choke

Willie Smalls wins 2nd round 3.19 Rear naked choke 

Strikeforce: Tate vs Rousey Line-up Finalized

By Mike Finch

Strikeforce: Tate vs. Rousey is set for March 3rd in Coulumbus, Ohio at the Nationwide Arena. Miesha Tate and Ronda Rousey headline the card in one of the most high-profile female fights in MMA history.

Event goers will enjoy the Arnolds sports Festival along with a stacked Strikeforce card. The festival is in town throughout the week, commonly doubled with a major MMA event. For those not in Columbus, both the prelims and main-card can be viewed through Showtime.

Miesha Tate vs. Ronda Rousey
Mike Kyle vs. Gegard Mousasi
K.J. Noons vs. Josh Thomson
Paul Daley vs. Kazuo Misaki
Ronaldo “Jacare” Souza vs. Derek Brunson

Alexis Davis vs. Sarah Kaufman
Caros Fodor vs. Pat Healy
Lumumba Sayers vs. Scott Smith
Conor Heun vs. Ryan Couture

UFC on FUEL TV 1 Weigh-in Results

By Mike Finch

UFC on FUEL TV 1 Weigh-ins took place earlier today in Ohama, Nebraska. All fighters made their respective weight classes. Catch the action tomorrow on Facebook, and then the first-ever aired UFC card on FUEL TV.

Jake Ellenberger (170) vs. Diego Sanchez (170)
Stefan Struve (256) vs. Dave Herman (234)
Ronny Markes (185) vs. Aaron Simpson (186)
Philip De Fries (241) vs. Stipe Miocic (240)
T.J. Dillashaw (136) vs. Walel Watson (135)
John Albert (135) vs. Ivan Menjivar (135)

Jonathan Brookins (145) vs. Vagner Rocha (145)
Sean Loeffler (185) vs. Buddy Roberts (184)
Anton Kuivanen (156) vs. Justin Salas (155)
Bernardo Magalhaes (155) vs. Tim Means (155)

Ellenberger vs Sanchez Prediction

By Staff Reporter Robert Bock

In a battle of contenders, two welterweights will be stepping into the Octagon Wednesday for an opportunity to climb their way to the top of the division. Jake Ellenberger, fresh off of a career jolting win, will meet veteran Ultimate Fighter season 1 winner Diego Sanchez.

A welterweight stand-out, Ellenberger is coming off a 5-fight win streak. His latest victory was an impressive first round KO of former top contender Jake Shields. Elenberger will look to execute a perfect game-plan to finish the durable Sanchez. With a wrestling advantage, Ellenberger should work to take the fight to the ground, where he can wear on Sanchez and stifle his Jiu-Jitsu. With close striking, Ellenberger can feel comfortable on the feet, but would be wise to try to impose his will in the top game.

Sanchez, a veteran of multiple weight divisions, is gunning for his 3rd straight UFC win. He recently defeated Paulo Thiago and Martin Kampmann via decision. With good take-down defense, Sanchez should look to keep the fight standing where he can utilize his lightning fast striking to work towards another victory. Although the deficit in striking is razor thin and could be argued either way, kickboxing would be the best way for Sanchez to win.

Two very technical fighters, with a past littered in exciting bouts, will throw down and offer an entertaining display on Saturday. Creative striking and solid grappling from both fighters will promise a close match wherever it may take place. But, with a clear advantage in wrestling and ever-improving hands, Ellenberger will emerge victorious. Both fighters will give it everything they have, and I would not be surprised if Sanchez wins a round and has some dominant moments.

My official prediction is Jake Ellenberger by Unanimous Decision.


Nick Diaz Tests Positive For Marijuana, May Face Year Suspension

Photo via mmaweekly.com

By MMAFREEAGENT Staff Reporter Samuel Adamek

Nick Diaz tested positive for marijuana metabolites following his highly debated loss to Carlos Condit in the main event of UFC 143. The positive test was rumored yesterday, but confirmed earlier this morning by Nevada State Athletic Commission executive director Keith Kizer.

This is the second time Diaz has tested positive for marijuana in his career. His first offense was a pre-fight positive test in 2007 when he fought Takanori Gomi at PRIDE 33. Diaz was suspended for six months for that offense, and the result of the bout was changed to a no-contest.

Diaz reportedly will have to appear before the NSAC in April. Because this is his second offense, Diaz may be suspended for a full year. Thats means that an instant rematch with Condit would be swept off of the table, as well as any other possibilities for 2012.

While marijuana is not considered a “performance enhancing drug”, it is punishable as such. Diaz is already on a temporary suspension now, and with a possible year-long wait ahead of him, many will now speculate if this really is the retirement of Diaz.

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Rebel Invasion 2: Pre-Fight Interviews

Written by April Nonnie Cook

With the event Rebel Invasion 2 taking place in less than a week, Fighters here in the Georgia area are training hard and staying focused, Most of this card contains local talent. This event is being held at Haralson County High School located in Tallapoosa GA.  Seven of the fighters are graduates from there. The event is being promoted by Black & Blue Entertainment and a vast majority of the proceeds go to the Athlete Department of the school. They also joined forces with the FCA to bring in a Motivational Speaker former wrestler “The Total Package“ Lex Luger. Just to top the night off!

I had an opportunity this week to talk with a few of the fighter on this card just to get a feel for the fighters, to learn more about who these guys are and where they are heading, what their goals are and the steps they are taking to get there ,this is what I have learned  thus far.


Joseph Copley

One local athlete Joseph Copley  a graduate from HCHS was ask how he was feeling about not just fighting in his hometown but at his old high school? His response was “I mean it’s a blessing I’m feeling pretty excited it’s going to be intense going to give it my all and hopefully put on a great show “   Copley is coming off a BIG win and has  a title shot in reach  with his win over Ja Lowery at the Venue Bad Manor  in Athens GA.  When ask what was next for Copley he simple says “I just want to keep striving to get better.” Copley will be fighting Josh Downing this match is a rematch … These guys had a great first match at Rebel Invasion last year, looking for another great fight with these guys, Copley lost to Downing last year but says he’s been training hard, looking forward to seeing these guys BANG!!

Micah Goss

Micah Goss is our next fighter Making his Pro comeback this is his first fight back I ask Micah “You are making a comeback  …correct? What made you want to return to the sport?“ Micah replied “Yes, this is my official comeback fight. I never really left the sport I have been teaching submission grappling & cornering several fighters over the past few years. I am making my comeback now for a couple reasons…First off, I needed to step back and train for a while, after winning my pro debut @ MMA Big Show @ the Belterra Casino it open the door to a few really tough fights in the Midwest and Atlantic City. Frankly I made that jump a little early with no formal training. Now I am ready to display the skills I have picked up over the years. Secondly, I recently divorced and lost my house, car, & most my worldly possessions. With back is against the wall financially, now is the time for me to string some wins together and makes this a legit source of income. Personally, I would fear a man fighting to feed his children, so this year will be a good year to watch Micah Goss make his way up the rankings!”

I’m telling y’all if you are looking for something to do and are in the West GA area on FEB 11th 2012 you got to check this event out, It’s packed with some hard hitting guys with records and reps to prove it A lot of these fighters have their eyes site on higher achievement’s, I would keep an eye out in the next year because you will see some of these guys again, I could definitely see some of them progressing to UFC, Bellator, Strike force. I keep hearing the UFC is coming to Atlanta GA in April and who knows maybe they will take some of this locally well-deserved talent with them to the big leagues.

Keep a look out  I have a few more pre  fight interviews coming  soon .Always remember to support  fight community, spread the word I’m sure some event is happening near your town I want to hear about!

Full Fight Card For REBEL INVASION2


Ron Stallings v/s Willie Smalls 185

Tex Johnson v/s Wayne Cole 205

Scott Farhat v/s Micah Goss 135

Advanced Amatuers

Josh Downing v/s Joseph Copely 170

Manuel Correa v/s Josh Cook 145

Andrew Ballenger v/s Brandon Rivers 170

Jarred Batton v/s Jason Reese 205

Charles Kicthen v/s Blake Lenane 155

Christian Patterson v/s Justin White 145

Bart Weeks v/s Brian Johnson 145

Tony Reid v/s Colby Ruthven 145

Sid Hunt v/s Johnny Snyder 170

Josh Wilkey  v/s Devin (Augusta fc)

Also working on a match up for few other guys

DJ Cook, Nick Brannon, Brent Quails

UFC 143: Condit/Diaz, Werdum/Nelson Recap

Photo by Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

Written by Samuel Adamek

Another great night of UFC fights is in the books, seeing a rejuvenated Fabricio Werdum top a tough, gritty Roy Nelson, and Carlos Condit edge Nick Diaz in an interim-title showdown. The event took place in Las Vegas, Nevada at the MGM Grand on February 4, 2012.
Werdum is back, and in prime condition. The knees he blasted Nelson with likely would have wilted any other man. Fists and knees flying, the pair slugged it out to a decision. The exciting battle won Fight of the Night honors and was an excellent lead-in to the main-event.
The win launched Werdum to the higher ranks of the UFC heavyweight division, getting many people talking about a possible Mir vs. Werdum showdown. Currently at the top of the mountain sit Junoir Dos Santos and Alistair Overeem, who will fight in the coming months of the UFC heavyweight title. Following close behind are Frank Mir, Cain Velascuez, and now, Fabricio Werdum.
For the first time since 2008, a new man is king of the hill in the welterweight division. That man is Carlos Condit, who evaded a hard-pressing Nick Diaz for five rounds and walked away with a controversial split-decision for the interim Welterweight title.
Condit effectively carried out his game-plan by keeping his distance and delivering counter strikes. He slipped punches, threw kicks, and immediately vacated, not allowing Diaz to go about his typical swarming boxing.
When Condit did not fall victim to this strategy that had previously been so effective for Diaz, Diaz became frustrated and began to taunt Condit. The gestures did not seem to faze Condit, who continued to circle away and implement his kicking game.
Maintaining his poise, composure, and strategy, Condit began to settle in and get the better of Diaz in the third and fourth rounds. It appeared that the first two rounds went to Diaz, and the third and fourth went the way of Condit. This meant that the fight over round five was the fight over who would become the welterweight champion.
Condit landed the better strikes in the opening minutes of the final frame. With just over a minute on the clock, Diaz snuck to the back of Condit, tripped him to the mat, and sunk a body triangle in. This secured him on Condits back as he worked for a choke and finally decided on an armbar at the rounds end. Condit defended the barrage of submission attempts well, but Diaz had sealed a win for the round — or so it appeared. At least one judge was not so convinced, and scored the round for Condit, regardless of Diaz getting the better of the ground battle.
Many believe that Diaz deserved the decision, despite Condit landing more strikes, but the judges thought otherwise, handing the win and the belt to Carlos Condit. An obviously-frustrated Nick Diaz said after the fight that he may very well be done with MMA, stating in perennial Diaz fashion, “I don’t need this sh**.”
MMA fans will have to wait and see going forward if this statement holds true or not. Eventually, Nick Diaz will have an opportunity to think in a much calmer environment about this decision, and may choose otherwise. At any rate, this fight was a voluminous display of athleticism and excitement, much to the satisfaction of the loyal fans of this sport and the new interim UFC Welterweight Champion, Carlos Condit.