Help Tim Sylvia Get His ASS KICKED!

Tim Sylvia riding a scooter

Careful maniac dont hur yourself!

Check out this video from former UFC Heavyweight Champ Tim Sylvia. Apparently, he is ready to make his triumphant return to the octagon and needs your help. I for one, would love to see him strut his stuff in the cage for one last go around and take a serious ass beating, with his dominating performances of late against the likes of Andreas Kraniotakes and Patrick Barrentine, how can you argue this?

Tim you fight to not lose instead of to win and everyone knows it.  You stand in the octagon and throw meaningless jabs for 5 rounds and everyone is tired of watching it.  I however would love to see  you get in the ring with Shane Carwin.  We would not even need to have this conversation he would give you the beating of your life!  Did you forget you lost to a 50 year old overweight Ray Mercer!  That was one of the most pathetic performances someone that claims to have what it takes to fight in the UFC heavy weight division could have.

To all the fans that want to comment on this.  We will be sending your comments left below directly to Tim Sylvia wether they are for him to fight again or for him, stick to the smaller shows or for him to hang it up and retire. We want to hear what you have to say.


  1. Kyle Johnson says:

    Really Bro? Wasn’t getting knocked out by out of shape Ray Mercer enough for you?

  2. Gary West says:

    I seen you fight in Rockford,Illinois, at a small mma show. The fight that night, you were originally supposed to fight Shane Adams, and the fight didn’t take place due to ISC opposition. The guy you did fight, seemed like he was no where near the type of athlete you are. he seemed like someone just getting started out. You beat him so easily, how is that going to get you back to the UFC? i mean it wasn’t even that great of a fight. I felt for the money we spent, i would rather have seen you fight a more formidable opponent. I honestly think maybe it’s time for you to hang it up.

  3. Brad Jaspers says:

    Tim you are a washed up has been that fought in the heavy weight division when it was weak. I am so glad I dont have to watch you throw meaning less jabs for 5 rounds anymore. I did however enjoy watching Fedor finish you in what? 30 seconds! You are where you belong. Fighting nobodys!

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