Frankie is still the Champ….or at least should be!

Yeah his face is busted up, but he still won the fight. Recently a post from my MFA colleagues on facebook drummed up a lot of debate. And as much as I would like to agree with them, I just can’t. Nowhere in the scoring system for MMA does it say that “physical damage” contributes to winning the round. However, it does mention striking and takedowns, both of which Frankie was ahead on. Some guys can get punched in the face all night and go to church on Sunday looking like a champ. While other guys start to bleed the second they touch gloves…it is what it is.

MMA is a physical sport and like all physical sports, damage is just a part of the game. Most high level athletes will tell you that they are never 100% on the day of competition. Its near impossible to train for weeks on end and not sustain some sort of injury. Matter of fact, I would say if you don’t go into the fight with some bumps and bruises you most likely didnt train hard enough.

So say what you will about Frankie Edgar losing because he looks like he got punched a few times. He fought his hardest for 25 minutes, and was ahead on strikes and takedowns at the end of the night. How can you possibly take his belt away after that? I’m not sure how you can really disagree with the facts, but if you do, leave a comment below.

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