Dakota Cochrane Busting Onto the Scene

Tuff Ultimate Fighter Contestant Dakota Cochrane Gay

Tuff Ultimate Fighter Contestant Dakota Cochrane

Apparently for TUF 15 cast member Dakota Cochrane having a film crew around while he works isnt anything new. Before gracing your flatscreen next month on TUF, he had played the role of “Danny” in some gay porn movies.

While I have nothing against homosexuals, and certainly have nothing against porn, I’m not sure how this will play out with the rest of the TUF cast. Lets face it, MMA is not tennis or figure skating. You are in close contact with your opponent the entire time. And in many cases, in some very awkward positions ( i.e. North/South) which I still get uncomfortable watching. With a house full of overflowing testosterone and male bravado. I have a feeling that if Dakota Cochrane makes it into the house, there could be some very interesting and controversial interactions with his new roomies. Hopefully, everyone will be mature enough to deal with the situation…but come on, its a bunch of young, cocky, and typically outspoken fighters, put into a pressure cooker in front of the world to watch.

The UFC was completely aware of Dakota’s past and seem to be fine with everything. I understand that there are most likely quite a few gay men and women competing in MMA. That being said, I hope the UFC isnt using this case as a marketing ploy for more mainstream media attention. In defense of their decision to give him a shot at the contract, he does have a good record and holds his most notable win over former WEC lightweight champ Jaime Varner back in September. Yet, I just cant dismiss the feeling that the timing of this seems to be a nice little FREE advertisement for ZUFFA and FOX.

Hopefully this ordeal doesn’t linger as an underlying theme for the entire season. I want to watch fights, not think about which fighter is going to make headlines the next day for something he said that wasn’t sensitive to the situation. Let us know what you think, leave a comment below.



  1. Jimmy Stevenson says:

    I do not have a problem with gay people in the UFC. If the guy he can fight like you said he did beat Jamie Varner and although he is not at the top anymore he is no pussy. He should do well on the ultimate fighter.

  2. Brad Jaspers says:

    So the UFC fires Shandella for doing soft core porn that didnt really show anything to inviting a guy in that has a million pictures of himself sucking cock on the internet. That is bullshit. This is nothing but a stunt to improve tv ratings. This is a very pitiful move Dana give me a fucking break. You fire a hot chick and bring in a fag that is actually going to touch the fighters. I know I wouldn’t this pole smoker in my guard!

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