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XFO Offsides Fight Night Play-by-Play and Results

By MMAFREEAGENT Reporter Samuel Adamek

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XFO Offsides Fight Night was held at Offsides Bar and Grill in Woodstock, IL on January 21st, 2012. The amateur action is highlighted in detail below.

Nick Dunski vs Shawn Bridgeman

Bridgeman shot for a double-leg take-down right off the bat. Dunski responded with a guillotine. Bridgeman defended the submission attempt, but remained trapped in the guillotine. Bridgeman weathered the storm and the fight returned to the feet. Another take-down by Bridgeman ensued, but the action was quickly stopped by the end of the round. The round clearly went to Dunski, 10-9.

The second round opened with a take-down by Dunski, followed by a swift transition to full-mount. Dunski threw a number of punches to Bridgeman’s midsection, from where he proceeded to throw even more punches from the mount position and forced a verbal tapout.

Final: Nick Dunski def Shawn Bridgeman, Verbal Tapout due to strikes 2:04 of Round 2

Brian Radtke vs Tim Sullivan

Radtke began the bout by clocking Sullivan with a right hand. He proceeded to rush Sullivan, jump into mount, rain down punches, and quickly draw a referee stoppage.

Final: Brian Radtke def Tim Sullivan, TKO :39 of Round 1

Geovanni Greco vs David Sorenson

Sorenson began with a quick shot. The fighters were in a brief stalemate as Greco waited out the attack. Sorenson captured Greco’s back for a brief moment, but was unable to capitalize as the wrestling battle continued. Sorenson took the round, winning it 10-9.

The second round featured numerous leg kicks from Sorenson, who blasted Greco with his shin. Greco, in response, was able to trip Sorenson with a kick of his own. Sorenson regained his feet and quickly took Greco down, taking his back. Sorenson began a flurry of damaging strikes that would end the bout, with Greco tapping as a result. The referee hesitated to stop the assault, allowing Greco to take a number of unnecessary punches.

Final: David Sorenson def Geovanni Greco, Tapout due to strikes 1:06 of Round 2

Cody Richards vs Alan Marugg
Alan Marugg and Cody Richards stood up and threw heedless punches to begin the fight. Marugg was able to take Richards down. Marugg threw scores of punches to the head and body, drawing a tapout due to strikes.

Alan Marugg def Cody Richards, Tapout due to strikes 1:02 of Round 1

Anthony Schott vs Stan Janeczko

Before this fight actually got underway, Janeczko began trotting around the cage with tennis shoes on his feet. He was able to circle the cage two or three times before a corner man made note of the issue and advised cageside assistants. From the get-go, these two men were throwing vigorous punches, few of them landing. Schott briskly took Janeczko down and found himself in the mount position. Schott then delivered copious amounts of strikes resulting in a technical knockout.

Final: Anthony Schott def Stan Janeczko, TKO 1:46 of Round 1

Mike Mahurin vs Tim Holman

Holman shot a double leg without hesitation as the fight opened, successfully taking his opponent down. Holman proceeded to deliver forceful strikes, resulting in a tapout from Mahurin.

Final: Tim Holman def Mike Mahurin, Tapout due to strikes :09 of Round 1

Skyler Petrancosta vs Tyler Reece

Petrancosta began by shooting and taking down Reece, only to be reversed by him soon after. The fighters jousted for position, and Petrancosta stood up, landing himself in a guillotine. Petrancosta tapped out and momentarily passed out, tumbling to the canvas after the hold was released.

Final: Tyler Reece def Skyler Petrancosta, Tapout due to guillotine choke 1:40 of Round 1

Charles Radtke vs Michael Dann

Radtke began the fight with a take-down. Dann attempted a guillotine, which eventually fizzled out. Radtke fought for a favorable position and got it, prompting a flurry of punches that ultimately caused the referee to stop the fight. The fight was over, but Radtke was not done, as he continued to deliver punches to his opponent’s unguarded head. An uproar from the restless crowd ensued as they voiced their discontent with Radtke’s lack of sportsmanship and self-control.

Final: Charles Radtke def Michael Dann, TKO

Gram Livermoore vs Daniel Flora

Daniel Flora began the fight with a failed take-down attempt. Flora again tried a take-down, and on the second attempt was successful. Flora hastily transitioned to mount and proceeded to deliver damaging strikes. Livermoore assumed a flat position, face down, his hands covering his head and showing no sign of escape, prompting a referee stoppage.

Final: Daniel Flora def Gram Livermoore, TKO Round 1

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