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Muay Thai is a practical fighting skill, which pulls together the whole body: the head and mind, fists, elbows, knees, and legs as nine weapons. It was used on the battlefields at a time when hand-to-hand combat was the normal form of fighting. Because of its history, Muay Thai is considered to have the strongest and most effective strike in martial arts. With regular Muay Thai training, you will see greater muscle tone, stamina and agility.

Central Ohio Muay Thai teaches not only the physical aspect of Muay Thai, but the attitude, discipline and respect that is part of this special martial art.

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Contact Name : Andy Pham
Contact Phone : (614) 595-5855
Contact Email :
Street Address : 589 Carle Ave,
City : Lewis Center
State : Ohio
Country : United States
Zip/Post Code : 43035
Website :
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