By Vince Ramos  |  September 8, 2009 01:31 am

Hey everyone!  My next fight is October 22 for Ruckus Entertainment's first ever event... THURSDAY NIGHT FIGHT'S AT VENUTI'S... in Addison, Illinois... my website will have more info, but you can comment on here and ask questions about tix... This will be my LAST amatuer fight... So please come support!!, please register.. it is free, fast, and fun, and will help my career... please do the right thing and stop by and give it a go... I have all info from my daily blogs with life, training, and such all the way to info on my fights... also check out my sponsors link's on there... need a new car... check out Chicago Toy Store... hell wanna go to a gentlemen's club, check out Pink Monkey!!  And if you are interested in being a sponsorship and being on my webpage as well as my next fight's shorts... get at me!! and new clothing line making its debut on OCT 22 as well... more details to come... VRAMFIGHT.COM

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