Welcome to MMA Free Agent.com. This website came from a vision to create a destination that's good for all aspects of MMA. Fans, fighters, promoters and managers! Up until this point there was no MMA destination that caters to every angle of MMA.

You are probably wondering, who are these guys? We are fans and fighters who have close ties in the MMA industry. One of us has been training MMA for 13 years. One of us has been building successful websites for 10+ years.

If there is anything you'd like to see this website do, or any improvments you'd like to suggest, please use the feedback button located in the top right corner of this page! We built this site for you and we look forward to your comments, feedback and suggestions!

What MFA Does

Use this website as a tool to gain exposure to a global audience. With the capability to easily connect with your Fans, Managers, and Promoters you will have more time to focus on what you do best....FIGHT. By promoting yourself with photos, video, and blogs, you can maximize your pay rate by creating value in the business of YOU.

Your fighters are your business, MFA allows you to manage all your clients from one central location. You have full access to add content to their profiles and communicate with promoters. All the while letting your fighters stay focused and train hard.

Sign up and check out all the great features MFA has to offer. Plan and promote months of events all from one central location. Put together your fight cards, advertise your show, and have the ability to find qualified last minute fighters if the need arises.

We are the central hub for the sport of MMA. You can check out photos and videos of your favorite fighters on a local and global level. Comment on their blogs, and stay up to date on upcoming events and fighters of your choice. Tell us what location you're in, what fighters you like, and let us keep you informed on local events and news that is relevant to you.

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